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Why should you attend a Christian college?

Choosing a Christian college is important because, at college, most young people develop their goals and values, choose a career, and make lasting friendships. A Christian college provides a great environment to make these important decisions wisely.


“The decision on where to attend college can make all the difference in your life. If you’re unsure, I encourage you to try it for a year. I did, and I came back for more. I honestly cannot imagine myself going to any other college. You will make lifelong friends and experience staff and faculty who care.”

Consider these five reasons why PCC may be right for you:

1. PCC offers a solid education with a biblical perspective. Academic Excellence Caring Faculty

PCC strives for academic excellence, founding every subject on the truth of God’s Word. At PCC, faculty care for their students and want them to achieve success both academically and spiritually.

Christina— “The teachers have a genuine care for us as students and give all they have, even when it’s been a long day and I’m sure they’re tired! They care past just classes, but really care about your personal life.”

2. PCC promotes a godly environment.

PCC encourages standards and guidelines to help students live effective lives for Christ. Whether in residence halls, classrooms, or even recreational centers around campus, students enjoy academics and social activities in a safe, friendly environment.

Clayton— “The very friendly Christian atmosphere is what has really had a great influence on me. Students are cheerful, and happiness here on campus is almost as contagious as yawning.”

3. PCC encourages spiritual growth.

Spiritual Growth

You’ll have many avenues for spiritual growth at PCC. Attending church, chapel services, prayer groups, Mission Prayer Band, Christ-centered classes—all help you grow in your walk with the Lord.

Brooke— “I really enjoy chapel. Having an hour devoted to hearing God's word is awesome to me. My Bible is filled with message notes that God has given me through those chapel services.”

4. PCC provides many ministry opportunities.

Ministry Opportunity

PCC offers many opportunities to get involved with missions, church ministries, and many other Christian service activities through various collegiate avenues.

Drew— “During my stay at PCC, I have been able to do everything from preaching and singing to playing freeze tag with children at a local Bible club. I currently lead the Carpenter’s Creek nursing home ministry. Wherever I serve, Christ uses me to bring lost souls to Himself.”

5. PCC affords opportunities to make lasting friendships.

Lasting Friendships

Although you can build friendships anywhere you go, PCC allows you to meet a variety of people from different backgrounds, who share a common spiritual foundation.

Zach— “One thing that stood out when I came to PCC was how friendly the students were! The friendships that I have made while at PCC will undoubtedly last a lifetime. Each class and activity—whether it was a collegian meeting or Bible class—gave me the opportunity to meet new people. Proverbs 18:24a says, ‘A man that hath friends must show himself friendly.’ I believe that PCC has achieved that goal.”

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