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When you’re looking at colleges, consider the opportunities each school offers. Your interests—music, sports, ministries, etc.—should be part of your academics and recreation even as you work toward a degree. Take a look below to see what PCC has to offer you.


Social Life Dating Outing

PCC offers men’s and women’s social organizations called collegians, which meet for enjoyable times of games, devotionals, singing, eating, and off-campus activities.

Hannah— “I have enjoyed being involved in a great collegian. Whether it was playing sports with a great group of girls or growing closer together as a collegian on a members-only outing, I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of my collegian.  Because of my collegian, I have had the opportunity to meet and become friends with many girls.”


Another important social sphere is your residence hall. At PCC, roommates often become some the closest friends you make in college.

Drew— “I love the friends I've made at PCC. I had been waiting for most of my life for friendships of this quality: spiritually uplifting, fun, and strong.”

Katie— “Although I am not a social butterfly, I have made many friends here at PCC. My first year at college, I had a great roommate. She was and is a great friend who helped me learn my way around PCC and adjust to life at college. She made me feel welcomed.”

Music Opportunity

Music and Productions

PCC offers various avenues for you to participate in, such as plays, orchestras, ensembles, choirs, and even private lessons. You don’t have to be a music or speech major to join in the fun!

Kayla— “I had the amazing opportunity to be in several Dramatic Productions. Acting is just something fun for me, but I learned how to really give my all even in the smallest aspects.”

Ministry Opportunities/Christian Service

Christian Service

Since service is one of the most important aspects of your Christian life, you should attend a Christian college that provides many areas in which you can minister. PCC encourages everyone to join in by offering dozens of ministry opportunities on campus and in the Pensacola area.

Zach— “I have been involved in Men’s Door-to-Door, a group of guys that goes out in the surrounding area and witnesses from house to house, and Campus Church Puppets, which performs three times a week and brings the gospel in an easy-to-understand way to children up to first grade. If you want to get involved in a Christian service, come to PCC. The opportunities are great.”


Whether you like to sit back and be a spectator or be on the team yourself, PCC allows you to catch some team spirit and get involved in both team sports and individual activities!

Brooke— “I love the Eagles basketball games. Those are the best part of college. I love basketball and seeing so many college students come to support the Eagles teams, especially when we deck out in all white for our famous white outs.”

Hannah— “I was able to give to missions by participating in a 5K run on campus.  The run brought the student body together with one common goal, giving to missions. God has richly blessed me with the opportunity to be a part of such a great student body.”

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