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Students Say...

When you’re looking into a college, who better to hear from than current students who have recently been in your shoes? Take a look at the testimonies below, and get to know the student body of Pensacola Christian College!


HomeBraselton, GA
MajorMusic Education

“I had heard about PCC from alumni in our church—both of them music majors. I could see the excellent education that they had received in the way that they taught me and directed our church choir. After talking to them, I knew I could get a Music Education degree and get the core Bible classes that I needed at PCC.”


HomePensacola, FL

“I chose PCC over other colleges because PCC offers such an outstanding education with a great environment for both intellectual and spiritual growth.”


HomeColumbus, GA
MajorGraphic Design

“I chose PCC because it’s solidly based on the Word of God and not influenced by the world’s focus. I am pursuing art, and I knew that secular art colleges in my hometown would require me to embrace ungodly thoughts and techniques.”


HomeMolina, IL
MajorHistory Education

“I wanted a college that was made for me, a conservative Christian young person who had surrendered his life to the Lord. PCC is so centered on God that I am thriving in my Christian growth. It was the perfect choice for me as I followed God's leading.”


HomeHull, GA
MajorElementary Education

“I knew that I wanted to go to a Christian college. I chose PCC because of the affordable tuition and ability to work on campus. I’ve come to appreciate more and more the blessing of being in a Christian environment where God's Word is loved and upheld, a place where young people are encouraged to live moral, godly lives and feel safe away from home.”


HomeCamdenton, MO
MajorComputer Information Systems

“The affordability is great! No other college I know of compares! The atmosphere is good, definitely the reason I chose a Christian college.”


HomeFortworth, TX
MajorProfessional Writing

“I chose Pensacola Christian College over other colleges because it is a Christian liberal arts school. Visual and performing arts are my most powerful tools for expression, and this school provides many opportunities to reach my ultimate goal of getting involved in theatrical and film productions.”

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