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Academic Excellence

PCC is committed to providing students a solid, excellent education. Since your time at college is crucial for developing Christian values and godly decision-making, PCC faculty instill a biblical foundation in every subject taught.

Programs of Study

PCC’s academic programs prepare each student in his field through hands-on opportunities and modern labs. Each classroom is equipped with the tools needed to advance in students’ studies. Students learn from qualified faculty who are friendly, approachable, and dedicated to academic and spiritual success.

Hannah— “The academics at PCC are outstanding. Each academic program offers a wide range of courses that help build your knowledge in many subject areas.  As a mathematics major, I have enjoyed being academically challenged in my math courses as well as being able to further my knowledge in other subject areas, allowing me to receive a well balanced education.”

Zach— “The faculty and advisors of both my major and minor have given me the knowledge to succeed outside of PCC. In every class that I have been in, I have had a teacher that will take time to help me in specific areas, in or out of class. They want their students to succeed.”

Kayla— “The faculty here at PCC have made a huge influence on my life both academically and spiritual. Each has taught me great new concepts helpful for the major I graduated with; and it always was presented from a Christian perspective. I could talk to anyone of my teachers about class or about my walk with the Lord. That for me made a huge difference. To know that my teachers cared about me and not just my grades inspired me to do my very best.”

Drew— “The first day of class, my teachers always introduce themselves and list off their contact information so that I can get in touch with them and be in control of my academics. The curriculum is superb. I have used so much of my education already at summer camps and in Sunday school and Christian ministry in the Pensacola area.”

Katie— “It is a blessing to have Christian teachers and advisors who care about their students and who don't just view their position as a job but as a way to invest in the lives of others. The academics here at PCC are high quality! I have learned lots in my classes. PCC gives you a good base of knowledge in your field of study, as well as practical application for how to use what you learn.”

Brooke— “The faculty are awesome. They are wonderful examples and do their best to stay connected with each of their students. It’s a good feeling to know that your teachers care for you spiritually and academically.”

Low tuition, room and board

Our low cost for tuition, room and board helps most students graduate debt free! Several options make it even more affordable.

PCC has purposely kept yearly tuition, room and board low, and provides special offers and scholarships, on-campus work assistance jobs, and low-interest student loans through the A Beka Foundation Educational Fund.

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